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We live in turbulent times where preparation is the best defense against the unknown.
Survive Monthly is an expert selected collection of the very best tools, supplies, and guides delivered to your door every month.

Be Prepared for Less

Survival gear can be costly and overpriced. We’re here to deliver the highest quality survival gear to you each month at an affordable price.

Expert Selected Survival Essentials

Each month, our experts hand select the most essential tools and supplies needed for any unexpected event.

Be Ready for Anything

With the uncertainty of natural disasters, it’s always important to be prepared for any situation.

Anticipate Everything

Each box will feature a revolving assortment of the best products for survival and emergency preparation. Anything from long-term food kits, to non-battery flashlight radios, to solar blankets. Your box will be full of the most perfect gear for any situation.

Start Prepping